The Instructors and the Class.
Dr. Jerry Gallagher is a clinical psychologist who has focused his career in the area of substance abuse for 26 years.  Dr. Gallagher is the President of Psychappraisal Associates, a consulting firm for businesses and schools.  He was the originator and Director of the Correctional Assessment and Treatment Service Program in Michigan which gained national attention for its effectiveness at rehabilitating drug and alcohol abusers.  Dr. Gallagher has served on a number of congressional committees and advisory boards and also as a special consultant to Drug Czar William Bennett and President Reagan.
Thomas Mayhall is President and founder of Highway Safety Associates.  Mr. Mayhall has been the Director of several Michigan substance abuse programs.  He has been composing and teaching alcohol/drug legal seminars since 1985.  Over 40,000 Michigan residents have attended one of Mr. Mayhall's alcohol seminars and he has conducted thousands of alcohol assessments for courts.  He has a Masters degree from Michigan State University.
Dr. Gallagher and Mr. Mayhall have both focused their careers in Michigan on substance abuse teaching and research.  They have helped Michigan become a national leader in alcohol abuse prevention research.  This class is a result of many focus groups studies and strategies and nearly $1,000,000 in research and development efforts. 

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