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Common Problems


1.  I am being asked for a PASSWORD.

After you have registered and made payment for the class if at anytime it asks you for a password type  michiganmiponline  into the password box.  As  long as you are at the same computer you paid from it will give you access to the site. 


2.  I am having trouble playing the video

Poor video quality may  result from low speed internet connections.

*You can view the video from a different computer (by using the password  michiganmiponline)  for 48 hours after your registration.

An audio only version of the DVD can be used  to complete the class if you are having video playack prolems.  However, it is somewhat more difficult to complete the final exam this way.  (You can skip answering question #12 on the final exam (doctors name) if you are unable to view the video).

*You can complete the class without viewing or listening to the DVD.  However, this makes completing the final exam much more difficult.  If your computer or internet connection makes viewing or listening to the DVD not possible (and you don't have access to a different computer) you can use this method.  You will need to review the workbook section very carefully so that you don't miss any answers in that section.  If you use the workbook only method to complete the the final exam, please explain why you were unable to view or listen to the DVD in the final exam comment section.


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